Version 1.6.2

Welcome version 1.5.0

On December 9th, 2015, the the fifth, and last, minor dawnscanner rubygem version it has been released.

dawnscanner version 1.5.0 has 209 security checks loaded in its knowledge base. Most of them are CVE bulletins applying to gems or the ruby interpreter itself. There are also some check coming from Owasp Ruby on Rails cheatsheet.

What's new?

This release introduces 8 new security checks to the knowledge base, raising the number of supported CVE or OSVDB bulletins to 209. dawnscanner version 1.5.0 fixes also a lot of bugs mostly in vulnerability reporting. Now for each scan, a directory in $HOME/dawnscanner it has been created storing text files with scan result. This improves how dawnscanner organize your workspace and it leads also to having clean messages on standard output.

A key new feature is the SQLite3 database, stored under $HOME/dawnscanner that makes you able to save each scans you perform in a registry. Information saved are the target project, the scan status (if it has been completed or not), the number of issues found and the directory where results were stored.

[2015-11-26 08:31:57] COMPLETED -- : blogcast: 50 issues found - $HOME/dawnscanner/results/blogcast/20151126

The ChangeLog

This is the comprehensive list of changes introduced in version 1.5.0